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An Introduction To Golf – JNG Golf Beginners’ Program Level 1

JNG Golf beginners’ program level 1 ten week course is the perfect introduction to the game.

We take you step by step through the basics of both long and short game in a simple and informative manner as well as giving you an understanding of golf equipment and the rules and etiquette associated with playing the game.

Take It To The Course – JNG Golf Beginners’ Program Level 2

JNG Golf beginners’ program level 2 is all about preparing you for the transition from the golf range to the course.

Over the six weeks we will further develop the fundamentals you acquired in level 1 whilst incorporating the additional skills and knowledge required for course play.
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On Course Playing Lessons

Take the stress out of your first few visits to the golf course by accompanying one of our professionals. They will be on hand to demonstrate shots, offer advice to help familiarize you with your new surroundings.

Improving and advanced golfers can benefit greatly from this service. Understanding the professional’s decision making process or learning a new recovery shot could be a great way to improve your game.

The Improving Golfer

The Improving Golfer program aimed at existing golfers allows you and your professional to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your game and implement a plan for improvement.

These lessons are available at an hourly rate or for long term work you have the option of either a six or ten lesson package where we can improve any and all aspects of your game.
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Short Game Program

Whether you wish to learn new techniques and shots required for course play or simply improve your current short game this four week course covering chipping, pitching, putting and bunker play is sure to help you lower your score.

Elite Program

JNG Golf's Elite Program is designed for those with aspirations of going to the top as well as those already well on their way.

Conducted on a daily, weekly or monthly basis each four hour session consists of advanced swing technique, course strategy, tournament preparation, time management, nutrition, mental strength, golf fitness and biomechanics.

Learn To Play In a Day

This is the ideal way to learn the game for those high on motivation but short on time.

This crash course consists of a full five hours tuition covering the basics of both the long and short game and culminates with an additional ninety minutes play on the golf course under the guidance of your professional.

Aimpoint Clinics

Take the guess work out of green reading and lower those scores. Aimpoint is a system developed to allow golfers to determine the exact amount of break on their putts.

Already endorsed and used by a large number of PGA Tour Professionals this revolutionary concept will transform your game.
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